Hanukkah gift basket

Hanukkah Gift Basket, Festival Of Lights


Celebrate the Festival of Lights with this fabulous deluxe Hanukkah gift basket arrangement! From festively wrapped chocolate to our 100% kosher Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon, they are going to absolutely love this over-sized holiday gift basket!


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This beautiful Hanukkah gift basket contains a considerable array of specialty kosher treats in a large painted white basket and featuring some very fine gourmet foods and treats.

Medium: $105.00

The medium size Hanukkah gift basket will dazzle them with its rich, royal blue beauty and these fine gourmet treats:

• Fine Chocolates
• Caramel Nut Clusters enrobed in Creamy Milk Chocolate
• Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
• Hanukkah themed Bag of Kosher Chocolate Chip Cookies and Gelt (tied with a bow and a Dreidel)
• Ghirardelli Mini Bars
• Pure Milk Chocolate Covered Cashews
• Chocolate Wafer Finger Cookies
• Almond Tea Cookies
• Rich Milk Chocolate Truffles
• Olive Oil & Sea Salt Artisan Hors D’Oeuvre Crackers
• Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon
• Camembert Cheese Spread


Large: $140.00 (Shown)

Our larger size “Festival of Lights” is even more impressive, with an even bigger white basket that offers everything mentioned above, PLUS:

• Gourmet nutty Snack Mix
• Belgian Chocolate Seashells
• Milk Chocolate Cappuccino Biscotti Joys
• Hazelnut Cream filled Wafer Cookies
• Caramel Cheesecake Dessert Cookies
• Dark Chocolate Coffee
• Cranberry Bog Frogs (cranberries, caramel and nuts mixed in creamy chocolate)
• Pure Milk Chocolate covered Almonds

Our kosher Hanukkah gift basket recognizes and celebrates the Festival of Lights, one of the beauties of the Hanukkah holiday, by offering an abundance of gourmet goodies. They will have more than enough delicious treats and sweets to last throughout their eight days of celebrating!

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Medium: $105.00, Large: $140.00