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Artisan Cheese Platter, In This Home
This astounding gift offers an abundance of delicious artisan cheeses, crackers, smoked salmon, all beef sausages and more. Whether it's for a birthday, a housewarming gift or sent "just because", this truly unique, artisan cheese platter with all of its different flavors will be remembered by them for many years to come!
Cheese And Sausage Basket, The Midwesterner
We call it "The Midwesterner" because it's loaded with favorite snacks that come from and remind us of the Midwest. Everyone will love this wonderful cheese and sausage basket that is filled with an all-time favorite snack combination of Wisconsin cheeses, sausage, crackers, nuts and more!
Cheese-Sausage Gift Basket, A Cut Above
These cheese and meat gift arrangements are very robust indeed. Containing a huge selection of hearty foods this classic cheese-sausage gift basket is available in three sizes to accommodate all budgets and any group size.
Chocolate Gift Planter, The Midas Touch
When it comes to a spectacular display of decadent chocolate, this is the answer you've been looking for. There are enough high-end chocolates in this basket to start a party.
Coffee Lovers Gift Box, Country Caffè
Know a really true coffee lover? This is sure to satisfy any cravings they might have. We've loaded this coffee lovers gift box with all of our favorite coffees and coffee-themed treats.
Cookie Gift Box, Welcome!
This cheerful cookie gift box is a wonderful way to welcome them to their new home, their new job, the convention, the wedding, the hotel…   Whatever the occasion, this cookie gift box is a perfect present for their arrival!
Country Breakfast Gift Basket
There’s nothing quite like a country cooked breakfast, especially when it’s delivered right to your doorstep. That being said, it appears its your lucky day as this country breakfast gift basket is available right now for you to send to a lucky recipient and make the start of their day a very delicious one indeed!
Down Home Favorites, Barbecue Gift Trunk
This new Mountain Harvest® Gift Baskets favorite is sure to be a hit. It features a handsome wooden trunk filled with a delicious selection of sauces, mixes, a chili kit, cheeses and more. Our barbecue gift trunk is just what the resident barbecuer needs to complete that great barbecue!
Fiesta!, Congratulations Gift Basket
This hot and spicy (and we do mean spicy) congratulations gift basket is unique, quite large and filled with incredibly delicious snacks, sweets and meals!
Gourmet Gift Tower, The Crowd Pleaser
Whether for an office party, a valued client, family and friends or just one very lucky individual, this gourmet gift tower really takes the cake (and cookies and fudge!). Although especially alluring during the holidays, it is also appropriate at any time of the year.
House Warming Gift Box, Home Sweet Home
Welcoming them into their new home has never been easier than with this incredible house warming gift box, piled high with wonderful gourmet treats. The ''Home Sweet Home'' gift box makes a fantastic gift for new neighbors by offering a large, scrumptious assortment of gourmet treats to make their moving in a whole lot nicer!
Housewarming Gift Bowl, Welcome Home
Make their move into the new home even more welcoming by sending this gorgeous, keepsake fruit bowl overflowing with a delicious selection of Mountain Harvest® Gift Baskets favorites; all neatly packaged in our housewarming gift bowl!
Housewarming Gift Box, Summer Cottage
Welcome them home with this lovely housewarming gift box arrangement filled with delicious snacks and loads of flavorful finger treats!
Mixed Nuts Gift Basket, Nuts About You
Let them know you're "nuts" about them by sending this mixed nuts gift basket filled with these wonderfully delicious gourmet nutty treats. It's bound to make anyone's day just a little bit better.
Spring Breakfast Gift Basket, Hearthside Classic
Because it's considered by many as the most important meal of the day, why not start someone out right with our classic Spring breakfast gift basket? It also makes a great Mothers Day gift basket or a Easter morning breakfast basket for the whole family.
Tropics Gift Basket, The Finer Things
Excellence – Quality – Superb Taste – Sophistication and Style! This gourmet tropics gift basket has it all, from imported Caviar to Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon; from Italian snack Crisps to European Cookies; from Smoked Gouda to Cranberry Cheddar Spread. They will definitely be able to indulge in the finer things in life upon receiving this bountiful gourmet gift basket!