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Cheese And Sausage Basket, The Midwesterner
We call it "The Midwesterner" because it's loaded with favorite snacks that come from and remind us of the Midwest. Everyone will love this wonderful cheese and sausage basket that is filled with an all-time favorite snack combination of Wisconsin cheeses, sausage, crackers, nuts and more!
European Luxuries, Holiday Spa Gift Basket
Pamper her in luxury this Christmas or New Years or anytime with this large, European inspired holiday spa gift basket filled with a vibrant collection of indulgent spa gifts, decadent sweets and more!
Gourmet Treasure Chest, The V.I.P.
Introducing the most lavish, indulgent and impressively large gourmet treasure chest we have ever designed at Mountain Harvest® Gift Baskets. The high-end, handcrafted, wooden trunk offers a massive collection of only the finest in gourmet foods and will truly be a treasured gift worthy of any lucky VIP on your gift list. Our grandiose gift trunk is a great way to make a statement when you want to be remembered and is truly the "créme de la créme" of all the gift baskets we offer!
International Gift Basket, Simply The Best
They will know they've received simply the best in gourmet with this absolutely stunning international gift basket, filled with gourmet delicacies! This gift basket offers a big selection of large quantity, high-end gourmet goodies guaranteed to score high points with any person or group of people lucky enough to be on your gift list!
Italiana Gift Basket, A Taste of Tuscany
They will treasure this elegant gourmet   Italiana gift basket filled with tempting Tuscan treats and gifts! Perfect for almost any occasion.
Royal Decadence Gift Basket
This royal decadence gift basket collection is definitely fit for a royal court, yet affordable enough for us common folk to feel like royalty. It is stunning and what’s even better, it's filled with many of our own favorite and incredibly delicious, decadent royal goodies.
Starry Night, Elegant Holiday Gift Basket
Presenting a shimmering, enchanting and glittery appearance, this elegant holiday gift basket makes quite an elegant presentation. Its large collection of delicious treats are designed for a whole family or office staff to enjoy!